Why Do Lawyers Use Video

Over the last few years video has grown at a steadfast rate, not only on YouTube, Facebook and the host of other social networks but on websites too. And to think that people would watch video that wasn’t broadcast through a television wasn’t even a thought a decade ago. According to Emarketer.com the average US adult now spends 5.5 hours a day watching video content.

Seems like a lot of hours spent watching content doesn’t it? Well, with millions of people using smartphones they have instant access to those videos at anytime of day or night. In an airport while waiting for a flight, in a bowling alley while having fun with friends, at home with your children or at the office trying to find the right information…video is available to us instantly.

Video can be used to educate, to entertain or to engage the viewer. In the case of lawyers, video is used to answer frequently asked questions, review scenarios, inform about why cases were won or lost and help potential clients get to know the law firm.

Hi, I’m David Holub an Indiana personal injury attorney, and over the last two years I’ve shared videos on my YouTube channel and website ranging from preserving evidence after an accident, why social networking and litigation don’t mix, how to make an insurance claim after a hit and run collision, why medical record accuracy is essential following an accident, avoiding contaminated medications and even boating and school bus safety tips.

Each video we share gives viewers a deeper understanding of who we are, what we do, and how that video might help them. It helps us become…well, a little more human. Yeah, we heard all the jokes too. And, that’s precisely why we post those videos. Being involved in an accident is no laughing matter, and selecting the right attorney can be a daunting task. Video is a way to make that task of selecting an attorney easier.

I invite you to watch our videos and discover for yourself how to be wary when dealing with insurance adjustors, how to choose a physician following an accident, how to correct inaccuracies in your medical record, how to avoid the one thing that could damage your claim, what happens during mediation, how to avoid harming your case and much more.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a accident, I encourage you to watch our videos or even the videos of other lawyers and discover more about how you can benefit from using the expertise of a law firm.

If your accident happened in Indiana, I invite you to call my office, we’ll take the time to listen, then let you know if you have a valid case and the process involved in filing. Oh, and if you’ve watched any of our videos, I thank you…you are the reason why we make these videos.

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