Insuring Property When Unmarried and Cohabitating

Frequently we find that two parties decide to cohabitate and share expenses, but they neglect to deal with the issue of insurance. For example, suppose Person A has a home and a mortgage, and has a homeowner policy insuring the home. Then suppose Person B moves in with Person A, and starts paying part of the mortgage and utilities, and moves in thousands of dollars of furniture. Unless Person B is added to the insurance policy covering the home, or purchases a separate policy, none of Person B’s property will be insured against loss, nor in many cases will Person B be insured against personal liability associated with the property. It always makes good sense to consult with an insurance agent in such circumstances to make sure all parties are covered by insurance. If you have an insurance litigation question, please call. We do not represent insurance companies. We never have and never will. We do sue insurance companies however, and quite frequently.


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