New Skyliner Ride Traps You For 2 Hours Can You Sue?

Oh boy, you’re trapped in a five-by-eight box suspended sixty feet in the air. Okay it’s not a regular box…it’s a gondola. And you along with five others got onboard because you wanted to try it out. It was something new. Something exciting. And something that seemed relatively safe.

Yet, now you and your friends are starting to wonder if that idea to try something new was truly a good idea at all. Being trapped with your friends while on the ground is one thing, being trapped several stories above ground that’s cause for concern. The first few minutes was not a big deal. Ten minutes pass and worry starts to set in. Then thirty minutes pass and you’ve called, tweeted and screamed to try to get someone to help. Unfortunately, your gondola is not the only one stuck. Seems dozens of other gondolas, all filled with people, are also stuck. And sadly, the gondolas have no air conditioning, no bathrooms, and very little air flow.

And yes, this really happened. And at the biggest amusement resort in the world…Walt Disney World. Disney’s new Skyliner aerial tram system opened to visitors on September 29, 2019 and for almost a week it ran smoothly. Yet, seven days after officially allowing resort visitors to use the new Skyliner system, it breaks down leaving passengers trapped for over two hours.

The cable cars whisk visitors from hotels to theme parks three stories above the ground while going 11 mph. Construction of the Skyliner system took several years to accomplish and was supposedly thoroughly tested for months prior to allowing passengers to ride them.

Luckily no passengers were seriously hurt and Disney’s emergency preparedness team were able to safely evacuate all passengers from their stuck gondolas.

Can you sue?

Well, a few months ago, I shared an article about Disney’s sister amusement park, Disneyland. In that article I shared how a family attacked each other and the park goers became the spectators in a “fists of fury” event.

Here’s the link…

The answer I gave in that article is same I will share again here…

If you are involved in an accident, injury or altercation while attending a resort or amusement park you may have the legal right to sue the resort owner and / or park operator. But before you do anything, you need to explain your situation to a lawyer. You should describe the incident that resulted in your injury and provide them with all of the information regarding your case.

After you have spoken to a lawyer, they will guide you in determining what course of action will be best for your case.

Amusement parks are designed for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that park owners can’t be sued if you are injured by another park goer or from the result of equipment failure or operator error.

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