One Mistake That Can Cost You Big Time with Your Injury Case

You are injured in an accident. Let’s say it is clearly the other driver’s fault. The other driver’s insurance company even says it is not your fault. You’ve watched lots of do it yourself home remodeling shows and you think “I can represent myself and negotiate my own claim.” …  So you start talking with the insurance adjuster. … You think “if I can’t get an agreement, then I will call an attorney.”

Stop. Hold everything. … I’m serious. If this is you, stop right now! … Not securing experienced legal representation to help you with an injury claim WILL cost you big time.

First, insurance company representatives are experienced professionals. They are not do it yourselfers. You may be a great do it yourself plumber, but you can’t hold a candle to a 20 year journeyman plumber. Think of insurance professionals as master plumbers, not mid-level journeymen.

Second, insurance company representatives are part of a larger team of experienced professionals. Trying to go up against them alone is like trying to go 1 on 5 against an NBA team. You are not going to beat even the worst NBA team going 1 on 5.

Third, insurance companies know what makes you tick. When you don’t hire an experienced injury attorney you send multiple dangerous signals to the insurance company: a) my claim is small, b) quick money now is my goal, and, c) I play poker with all my cards face up.

But here is the worst danger …

Fourth, most insurance companies record all calls (and not for training purposes or to serve you better); and even those that don’t record their call, will use absolutely every word you say against you.

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