What to Do After a Pedestrian, Bike Crash

Most drivers involved in a car crash know to exchange driver information or call the police in order to document the collision. But, too often we find that persons hit while a pedestrian, or persons knocked down while riding a bike, do not seek information needed to track down all parties involved in the collision, or who witnessed the collision.

It is human nature for a pedestrian or bicyclist to feel embarrassed about being knocked down. In such situations, it is natural to think that serious injury has been avoided. Rather than obtain identifying information from other parties, it is easy to just waive them off and say “I think I am okay”. But, then pain and stiffness starts to set in. And, the next morning getting out of bed is a chore. Or, several days after the knock down you start noticing memory problems from the blow to your head, and severe back pain starts to emerge.

In such cases, unless good identifying information is obtained before leaving the scene of a pedestrian or bicycle crash, it can be impossible to track down the party responsible for the crash. Without knowing who to sue, an attorney may not be able to help when the bills start piling up for medical care.

Our tip in such cases is to treat all pedestrian and bike knockdowns as potentially serious injury accidents. Especially so when children are involved. See that the police are called if necessary, but at the very least get identifying information, including insurance info, from the party responsible for the crash before letting them leave. If they won’t provide the information, try to snap a photo, or right down their license number. … Treat getting identifying information following knock down incidents like your life depends on it, because it just may.

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