Private Property Collisions: What You Need to Know

Over the years we’ve shared many articles about auto accidents. Most of those articles revolved around injuries sustained while driving on highways or public thoroughfares. Today’s article will be slightly different. Although it still focuses on what to do in the event of an auto accident…our goal is to help you if and when you are involved in an accident on private property.

Instinctively, when a car accident occurs on a highway or public road we call an ambulance, the police and our insurance company. But when the collision happens in a private parking area (of a grocery store, big box store, shopping mall or even an apartment complex)  police rarely show up to take a statement. Why? Well, police don’t have jurisdiction on private property. So what do you do? If the police are called and they don’t show up, or show up and tell you there is not much they can do (even if it’s the fault of another)…ask them to at least document their findings. Now whether the police get involved or they don’t…your responsibility is to gather as much information as you can.

Information Needed When An Accident Occurs On Private Property

  • Time of accident
  • Location of accident
  • Parties involved
  • Written details of accident
  • Pictures of accident
  • Property owners information

Why we suggest getting the property owners information is they may be responsible if it’s determined the cause of the accident was due to their negligence. If a parking lot has an intersection but no signage that tells a driver which way traffic is supposed to go, the owner of the property may be liable for some of the damages. Some parking lots contain blind spots (areas where visibility is restricted) which can cause accidents and those blind spots can lead to liability being placed on the owner.

Another reason we suggest getting the property owners information is they may have security footage of the accident that can prove who is at fault. Although if they’re to blame they may be a little reluctant to turn over the video footage.

The most common auto accidents that happen on private property are caused when backing up or backing out of a parking space. Having a vehicle that has back up cameras and sensors can help avoid some accidents but some cars are not equipped which such technology.

Whether you have back up cameras or not, here’s what we suggest when backing out of a space…

  • Assess your surroundings and traffic patterns
  • Back out using the most direct route possible
  • Back out slowly
  • Use your mirrors
  • Avoid distractions while backing out

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