Protection Against Covid-19 Scams

We have shared many articles relating to Covid over the last year. Each article was written to help educate our readers on subjects like immunity, responsibility, legality and even safety. But this article is a bit different. It’s about protecting you from scammers.

Now you might be wondering why a personal injury law firm would care about protecting readers against scams. Well, we care. We care for the well-being of our clients. We understand their fears and concerns about Covid and we want to help them protect their crucial information from being used by nefarious people.

It seems with everything going on in the world today, common sense has been tossed out the window and all the rules people have been instructed not to do on the internet they are doing. The media has overwhelmed us with messages that “normal” is bad and during these “unprecedented times” people should be informing as many of their friends and family members that they received the vaccine. Now this is not in any way an anti-vax article, but rather an anti-sharing to keep you safe article.

Have you or your friends or coworkers posted an image of your covid shot vaccination card online? If so, you could be a victim of a future scam. And what’s worrisome is that thousands of people are posting their vaccine cards to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks without a concern in the world that their identifying information is now out there for prying eyes to find.

Those vaccination cards display your name, date of birth, what type of vaccine you received, date you received the vaccination, the lot number of the vaccine and the location where you were vaccinated. And some have even signed those cards so now it displays their signature too.

Scammers can use the details in those vaccination cards you so freely share on social media to create a profile of you that can be used to trick financial institutions, medical facilities, and even (gas/electric/phone) utilities to give up more information about you. And sadly, with the information collected those scam artists can drain your bank account, mess up your medical records and transfer your utility service into other’s hands.

We’ve also heard stories about people being contacted through phone and email inquiring about their vaccination shot saying how it might not be valid and requesting additional information. This type of inquiry is called a phishing scam. The scammer has limited information but enough to convince you that they are legitimate and so you’re thinking it’s okay and you give them your complete address, or credit card or even your social security number.

So why do we share this information with you?

We share it to give you an insight and an understanding of what could happen when you share too much information about yourself on social media. In fact, scams aren’t just related to Covid. We had a call recently from a person who called to say her brother was in an auto accident, and the other driver’s insurance company called and offered him $4,000, plus agreed to pay double that in medical bills, if the bills were submitted within 60 days, and all he had to do was sign a release. This all made the caller suspicious and she decided to call us to get some answers.

Our goal is to fight for truth every single day, and to protect and educate our clients.

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