Recreational Vehicle Injuries and RV Safety

Over the course of this year, with the pending closures of schools and businesses due in-part by regulations passed to curtail the pandemic, many people decided it was time to take extended vacations. Or sell their homes and travel around the United States. And the RV (recreational vehicle) industry has been working overtime to keep inventory in stock. But, is an RV safe and what happens if you or a family member is injured while utilizing an RV?

You might think of an RV as something you tow behind your vehicle but in actuality it’s a classification for a group of vehicles that allow the user to carry camping, animals or off road toys to various destinations.

An RV designation includes…

  • Motor home (class A, B or C)
  • Trailer (a fifth wheel, a folding camping trailer or another type)
  • Truck camper
  • Park model RV (like a tiny house on wheels)
  • Horse trailer or other specialty RV

A motor home (Class A, B or C) usually contain appliances, the ability to carry water, propane and various equipment like generators, furnaces and overhead storage. Each one of those presents a liability to the passengers when traveling. A trailer or tow behind, although may carry items such as in a motor home, usually aren’t occupied by passengers while in transit.

Many new RV owners fail to take into consideration that driving or towing a recreational vehicle is different than driving a car or truck. They just assume it’s the same skillset and are just overjoyed at owning this new means of travel. That’s when mistakes happen. Most RV’s are longer or wider than tradition vehicles and require more space on the road. Drivers need to compensate for the extra length and width when turning, crossing lanes or entering or exiting traffic. Oh, and sudden stops could lead to interior equipment, accessories and even décor dislodging and injuring passengers.

Who’s at fault when injuries occur as a result of an RV?

That depends. Many factors are looked at, and what may seem cut and dry as to who is responsible may not always be the case. Sometimes it’s the manufacturers fault. As I stated the RV industry has been working overtime to produce inventory. That inventory might have been rushed and when that happens protocols are missed. Safety measures designed to protect the operator are overlooked. Bolts not tightened correctly. Electrical systems not up to par. Appliances not mounted correctly. The list goes on. Those deficiencies in workmanship can lead to injuries.

If the RV operator was the cause of the accident which injured the passengers or the injuries were sustained when a negligent driver hit the RV it’s always a good idea to call a law firm experienced in vehicle accidents.

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