Ladder and scaffold failures can lead to serious injuries.



Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.

Workers can be killed or injured if the ladder or scaffolding they are using collapses.

Scaffolds include what we sometimes refer to as suspended platforms like those used by window washers in tall buildings.

But more often we see injuries with scaffolding assembled in residential home or small business construction environments like those used by masons, painters, and roofers.

For example, we recently assisted the widow of a painter who fell painting a barn when the ladder he was using shifted because of soil compaction at the foot of the ladder.

In another case we assisted a roofer who fell when the scaffold he stood on was bumped by equipment at ground level leading the structure to collapse.

Extension ladders can also pose a serious risk of injury when they are misused or used improperly.

For example, exceeding an extension ladder weight restriction can lead to injury.

Extending a ladder beyond is rated reach is likewise unsafe.

Failure to secure a ladder as intended by the manufacturer can make the product dangerous as well.

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