School Bus Safety

All too frequently we will see news reports of a child getting injured while running to catch a bus, or while waiting for a school bus, or getting on or off a school bus. Here are some common sense safety tips to share with your children:

1. While waiting for the bus or when getting on the bus do not push or shove others.

2. Be on time to the bus stop to avoid having to run or rush to the bus stop.

3. Never try to cross a street if you see or hear cars coming, instead wait until it is safe before crossing the street.

3. When waiting for the school bus avoid playing or standing in the street, rather stay on the sidewalk or off the edge of the pavement.

4. When the bus approaches stand well back from the edge of the road or the curb.

5. Do not approach the bus until the bus stops and the door opens and the driver tells you to get on the bus.

6. When climbing up onto the bus, or when getting off the bus, hold on to the handrail.

7. When riding the school bus stay in your seat until the bus stops and it is time to get off.

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