E-Bike or Electric Motor Bike Injury

You’ve seen the ads, you might have even watched a few videos, then you discovered your neighbor just got one. You are really contemplating if getting one is the right choice for you. But the cost is a big factor. And then you read the news and it seems this type of product is causing greater injuries than if you just bought the conventional product people have been using for over 100 years.

You’re curious aren’t you? You are probably wondering what this product is. You might have even been on the edge of your seat anxious as to what the reveal is. Well, before I share with you what the actual product is, let me tell you about Simon Cowell. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Simon is one of the judges on the television show America’s Got Talent. A few months ago, Simon broke his back while riding the very product I’m about to share with you. After the accident Simon took to Twitter to share his experience.

Simon tweeted…

Some good advice…

If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.

I have broken part of my back.

Thank you to everyone for your kind messages.”

That product is an electric motor bike. Not a motorcycle. Not a bicycle. It’s more of a mountain/trail bike that is capable of going about 60mph. Why is that speed a problem? It’s way too fast. You see, the average manual crank trail bike goes about 10-17 mph depending on the level of skill and physical capability of the person peddling the bike. The electric motor bike that Simon was using was called the Swind EB-01 and its touted as the most technically advanced and powerful electric bicycle on the market. Unfortunately, that advanced power doesn’t come with advanced safety. And that brand of electric motor bike breaks the mold of how typically e-bikes are classified.

E-bikes are classified in three groups according to their power and speed.

1) Class 1 – pedal assisted with speeds up to 21 mph

2) Class 2 – throttle power with speeds up to 20 mph

3) Class 3 – pedal assist with speeds up to 28 mph

All three classes of e-bikes have a motor with maximum power of 750w, that is still enough power to be faster than conventional “old style” manual peddle bikes. So why was Simon’s e-bike so much faster? The Swind EB-01 has a 15,000w motor. That’s twenty times more power than normal e-bikes. That’s the same speed that typical motorcycles do on highways. When we think of motorcycles we typically think of Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda or even Triumph…and those manufacturers have spent the last 50 plus years designing their motorcycles to maximize rider safety on flatter surfaces such as roadways and speedways. Now you have what looks like a conventional mountain/trail bike that can go just as fast as a motorcycle going where motorcycles can’t go or shouldn’t go.

E-bikes give those the ability to enjoy riding a bicycle without the constant peddling normally involved with manual bikes, unfortunately they come with greater risks. And greater injuries. Sadly, some cities due to the absence of designated bike lanes those using E-bikes tend to ride on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways thinking it’s safer than being on the road. This thinking results in collisions with people that could cause injuries and sometimes even death.

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