Swimming Pool Accidents

It’s summer, and that means more people will be spending time at a swimming pool to cool off and have fun. While many people look forward to a fun day at the pool, pool days can, unfortunately, turn into tragic days when people are injured or even drown because of a swimming pool accident.

Pools can be found in all kinds of places—at home, an apartment complex, a hotel, public park, or water park. Regardless of where the pool is located, the owner or manager of the pool assumes certain responsibilities for guests who use the pool. For example, a property owner or pool operator can be found liable for failing to provide a safe environment for people at the pool or failing to monitor the swimmers if a lifeguard is found to be negligent in performing his or her duties. When it comes to public pools in particular, federal law requires that public pools meet minimum safety standards, including maintaining safe drains and drainage systems in order to prevent drain entrapment and drowning.

Additionally, a pool manufacturer, installer, or repair company can be found liable for a person’s injury at a pool if it can be shown that the pool materials or equipment were defective, poorly-designed, or improperly installed. For example, if a pool drain injures or kills a swimmer when it malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect, then the manufacturer of that pool drain could be held liable for the resulting injury or death.

It’s important that pools are kept safe for people to use and enjoy. If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident, please call us at (219) 736-9700 to speak with someone from our legal team. For additional information and to receive our newsletter click the “Sign Up Now” button below.


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