Proving Your Case

One minute you are shopping and then the next moment you are on the floor. You call for help and an employee comes over. The manager is called in to help you up and the floor is quickly cleaned up. After you are released from the emergency room you consult an attorney. You explain that the floor was wet and slippery. But, when the store is contacted the manager and employee say they have no clue why you fell and that there was nothing spilled on the floor. Or, better yet, the manager pulls out a camera and takes a picture of you, and takes a picture of the floor, but now these photos have mysteriously gone missing.

The number one tip we can give to people in such circumstances is to take photos of whatever condition caused them to fall. Most everyone one these days has a phone that will take photos. There is no excuse not to take photos. Whether you fall into a pot hole in a poorly lit restaurant parking lot, or slipped on spilled cooking oil in the baking aisle at the local market. Don’t rely on the wrongdoer to take photos, take your own. Or hand your phone to a friend or witness and ask them to take photos.

Though some stores may have cameras, the images are often recorded over within a few days of an incident and cannot be counted upon to record what cause a slip or fall. Often the only and best evidence of what caused your fall will come from you and the photo snapped when the fall occurred.

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