The Dentist Was Careless, Can I Sue?

A few hours after leaving the oral surgeon you start to feel pain in your stomach. At first it was an odd feeling. Then it progressed to the discomfort stage. Within eight hours you were in full blown kicking and screaming agony.

You were rushed to the hospital where the doctor examines you. The X-rays show something foreign in your system. It’s metal. And it’s sharp. Upon further investigative work the doctor determines that it’s a dental drill bit.

The doctor advises that since you are not in immediate danger to let the instrument pass through. How can he even say that with the sheer volume of pain you are in? But, that’s exactly what the doctor meant. The drill bit needs to pass through your system.

The only problem is the drill bit is pointy on one end and oblong on the other and it has to travel through your intestines so it can escape naturally. Trying to calculate the odds of it not piercing the intestinal wall is driving you crazy. You are preparing for the worst. The doctor assures you it’ll be okay.

How can he know it’ll be okay? Has this happened before? And if so, the dentist must lose a great deal of drill bits.

Well it turns out the doctor and dentist know each other. Small world, right? And apparently the doctor notified the dentist of what transpired in the examination room. Turns out you weren’t the first, nor the second this dentist allowed small dental pieces to be swallowed by anesthetized patients.

Knowing you weren’t the first victim to be injured in this fashion doesn’t make your situation any better. You can’t return to work until you pass this drill bit and not knowing when it will pass is anyone’s guess.

You want to sue for dental malpractice and lost wages, but can you? Does your case have merit? Yes, the dentist was negligent. And yes, it caused you emotional and physical pain. And yes, this has happened to others, but is it enough?

Dental malpractice occurs when a dentist fails to provide to you with the reasonable care required of dentists for the type of condition being treated. Dental malpractice cases can be costly. The harm caused must outweigh the financial and emotional costs that must be invested to pursue a claim. Sometimes the best of care does not produce a desired result. It is not the result of medical care that the law considers, but the law focuses on the quality of that care, and the consequence of substandard care.

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