The Health Risks of Disinfecting Covid

Every business has been forced into new protocols in dealing with Covid 19. Some are doing a very good job at balancing the health and well-being of their employees, others not so much. Some have gone overboard and are now facing lawsuits by the very people they tried to protect.

In this case, the prevention was worse than the disease. And now, hundreds of thousands (if not more) are suffering the effects of chemical exposure.

The fear of someone contracting a virus meant businesses needed to disinfect everything. A top to bottom clean, everyday! And that fear seemed justified and well-intentioned, it was a way to keep everyone feeling safe. But mostly it gave businesses a way to avoid liability (in theory) by abiding by the guidelines set forth by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Office cleanings were ramped up, lobbies and entrances cleaned every 3-4 hours, restrooms would be sanitized 6 times a day. Then employees at the end of their shift, after breathing those chemicals all day, would leave to go to the grocery store before heading home and would encounter more disinfection protocols. The grocery store clerks were wiping down the conveyor belts in between customers. They were spraying all the grocery carts. And even wiping down all the displays and handrails.

Unfortunately, disinfectants designed to kill pathogens are not always safe for humans. And what’s worse is the majority of people using or being exposed to these disinfectants were doing so at a frequency rate hundreds of times higher than recommended by the manufacturer. Oh, and that fear I mentioned earlier, made it easier for employees to accept what they were spraying was safe because it helped prevent someone from contracting the Corona virus. Now, instead of getting sick from a pathogen, those exposed to all the chemicals are suffering from lung, brain and tissue damage.

Doesn’t seem like a valid trade off does it?

Some companies have even implemented nightly electrostatic spray downs. This entails using a special sprayer that positively charges and aerosolizes the small droplets of cleaning solution that’s discharged throughout buildings at a rate of 14,000 square feet an hour. That germ killing solution sticks to everything.

Employees come back the next morning ready to work only to breathe in that chemical mixture, it gets on their hands and face and eventually in their mouth. And buildings with poor ventilation end up recirculating that aerosolized cleaning solution back into the air posing even greater risk for all inside.

Being exposed to irritants such as disinfectants can pose immediate risks to asthmatics, migraine sufferers, those with allergies or immune disorders or suppressed immune systems. Some people have experienced memory loss, trouble concentrating, mood swings, irritability, headaches, seizures, nausea and vomiting. Extended exposure can lead to neuro-immune sanitization and intolerances to common foods and drugs.

At the onset of Covid-19, I wrote an article entitled, “Can We Sue Over Coronavirus Infection or Death?” – and at that time, disinfectant protocols hadn’t been established. Now, many law firms are getting calls from those injured by chemical exposure wondering if they have a case. As to our law practice, we would have to evaluate your case before determining if such a course of action was deemed appropriate.

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