The Negligent Party Lied

Sadly, people lie. If they told the truth there would far less defenders in the world seeking justice. Far less law enforcement officers. Far less lawyers. Far less judges. I think you get the picture. Those lies that people tell to make themselves look innocent, employ a lot of people.

Unfortunately those same lies get tested in litigation. All parties are questioned on their stories, their injuries and how the event that caused the accident unfolded. Witnesses are brought in to corroborate each parties account. Determining who is being deceptive can be tricky when there are no witnesses, no one other than victim and alleged negligent party.

So how do we (the truth seekers, the protectors of justice) establish truth?

The first way is to obtain third party data. Auto accidents, for example, tend to generate a ton of information. Most modern cars (those built within the last 30 or so years) have electronics that record speed, direction, tire pressure, and some have built in video that capture and record the surroundings.

Another way is to investigate the activities of the negligent party that led up to the incident. Where were they coming from? What did they consume? Who were they with? What was their emotional state prior to the accident?

Rarely are lie-detectors (polygraphs) used as they are not admissible in criminal trials. And here in Indiana are only admissible under stipulation and by direction of the court. (Read why here)

However, even without the use of a polygraph there are “tells”, signs that indicate someone is lying. Lying consistently is very hard to do. Those that lie tend to leave a trail of contradictory statements. And those statements can be used to refute their falsehoods. That trail of falsehoods are spread over social media, email, texts and even voice messages and will be used as evidence against them.

Yes, people lie. But we fight for our clients every day to uncover the truth. We want all of our clients to know that we are there for them, fighting for them, defending them, educating them, and keeping them in the loop on their cases.

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