Safe Transport of Farm Machinery in Indiana

In an agricultural state like Indiana it is necessary for farm workers to transport machinery from one field to the next by way of public roads. Motorists who normally drive in the city or on interstate highways can be unfamiliar with slow moving agricultural machinery operating on country roads. This unfamiliarity can lead to collisions resulting in serious injury or death. Equipment operators must be aware of the hazard their use of public roads can pose for some drivers and take common sense precautions. Slow-Moving-Vehicle (SMV) signs and flashers mounted in clearly visible areas on the machinery can be very effective in reducing collisions. Most farm machinery cannot move faster than 25 mph. Fast moving motorists can easily miscalculate how fast they are approaching farm machinery. Also, corners, hills, and other blind spots can limit a motorist’s ability to see farm and ranch equipment already traveling on the roadway or pulling onto a roadway. Motorists may have learned the meaning of SMV signs when studying for their license exam, but too frequently they fail to slow down when approaching a slow-moving farm machine. Thus, the bulk of accidents occur with farm equipment (combines, tractors, planters, harrows, plows, and grain drills to name just a few) and motorists traveling in the same direction. Additionally, accidents can occur when a truck or a car tries to pass farm equipment, and contact is made with a part of the equipment extending into the roadway further then the driver might appreciate. If you, or a friend, or a family member, has been injured in collision involving farm machinery, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


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