Vehicle Rollovers Due to Lack of Stability

Your wife is driving home from work on a cold November evening, when suddenly a deer is revealed by her headlights. She brakes and swerves but the SUV you bought together for its safety features flips and rolls over several times. The seatbelt and shoulder harness holds, but the roof of the SUV is crushed in by several inches. The doctor says your wife is alive, but one of the vertebra in her neck is crushed. Thankfully with extensive rehab she will recover a great deal of her function. But no more rock climbing, and the snow skis will need to be shelved for good.

Unfortunately, serious and even life altering injuries can result from a roll over crash involving a failure of a vehicle roof to hold its form during the rollover collision.

Do you need an attorney in such a case? Yes, though some crash forces are so severe that no vehicle can be expected to come through undamaged, there are regulations that apply to most vehicles, and it is important to determine if the design and strength of the roof on a damaged vehicle complied with such regulations. If defective materials were used, or the design was insufficient, you and your wife may indeed have a case to pursue.

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