Dealing With Insurance Company Trickery

Sadly, it is a game…but with the right help you could change the rules in your favor.

You were assured that the insurance carrier was top notch and would be there for you if an accident ever occurred. Although, now that you need them, it seems that it was all lip service and their promises were a bit premature. And, the information you are getting is incomplete and not helpful.

You spent countless hours trying to resolve your claim with the insurance company to no avail. You comply with everything they request and yet, you are still denied. You are at your wit’s end.

You’ve been debating whether or not hiring a lawyer is the right move. Yet, you can’t continue to not know what direction your claim is going and if indeed it will be paid at all. In the meantime your medical treatment expenses and continued care is a concern.

So you call an attorney and are asked a series of questions like…

Did the insurance agent misrepresent the policy provisions relating to coverage?

Did the insurance company fail to acknowledge your calls and act unreasonably in respect to claims?

Is the insurance carrier refusing to pay claims without conducting a reasonable investigation?

Did the carrier fail to promptly provide a reasonable explanation of the basis for denying a claim?

Now your head is spinning. You are so confused. Do you proceed with an attorney or play a “wait and see” game with the insurance? You’re worried that the financial responsibility will rest with you and that the insurance company will brush it under the rug.

Hi, I’m David Holub an Indiana personal injury attorney who works to help those who are injured navigate through the confusion of dealing with an insurance claim. My firm has not and never will represent an insurance company. It’s just not who we are. We represent you, the victim.

We assist clients in the collection of life, accidental death, health, and disability insurance. We also help clients in making property loss insurance claims, fire loss claims, and claims of bad faith on the part of an insurance company.

If you’re getting the “run-a-round” from your insurance company, and your accident happened in Indiana, I invite you to call us at 219-736-9700. We’ll help you get to the bottom of your insurance issues. And, if it’s determined that your claim has validity we will get your case started.

We will work tirelessly for you. Besides being aggressive to obtain you prompt and favorable results, we communicate regularly and clearly so you are kept up to date with everything. Our team adheres to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. And we consider it an honor to serve our clients whom often become our friends.

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