What’s An Injury Attorney To Do When There’s No Accidents?

What’s An Injury Attorney To Do When There Are No Auto Accidents?

Well that’s the dilemma that most attorneys are in right now. And sadly, with some courts still closed it makes defending our clients against negligent drivers a bit difficult. With many States still implementing “stay at home” orders it means less people are driving which translates to a decrease in automobile accidents. …  Just as an aside, a “stay at home” population is unlikely to be involved in any type of accident (unless maybe falling off the couch while watching TV).

Maybe you received a notice from your automobile insurance carrier that your rates would be decreasing. Most of the major auto insurance carriers have announced “Payback” plans for customers who are sheltering in place during the Covid-19 crisis and are no longer driving to and from work.

Allstate, American Family, Chubb, Farmers, Geico, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Travelers and USAA have all announced plans giving back anywhere from 5-25% of premiums during a specific period of time.

So if less people are driving that leads back to the question, what’s an injury attorney to do when there’s no auto accidents? … Keep in mind in a perfect world no driver would drive recklessly. But, unfortunately perfect drivers don’t exist.

We plan. We prepare. We get ready.

So although right now accidents are down, they won’t stay down. In fact, when the orders are lifted and people are allowed to freely travel, they will do so en masse. Wildly. Without thought. And that’s when mistakes will happen. That’s when accidents will increase. People will be hurt. They will need counsel. … Even now we are hearing that people who are driving are running red lights and speeding at higher then normal rates. Why? Maybe they think there are no police to stop them. Maybe they forgot how to safely drive. Maybe they are angry and prone to bouts of road rage, or aggressive driving.

We will be there to help.

So be very careful if you are out and about in your car or SUV.  And, if someone carelessly hits you seek out legal help.  If you are like most people, what you want in an attorney is just someone you can trust, who understands what you are going through, and is willing to help you, and has the experience and track record as an advocate to go the distance, so that when you are told that things will be okay, you can have confidence that things indeed will get better.

We get it. This is what every new client call is like from our side. Callers want an attorney who will listen. An attorney who will point them in the right direction and tell them the steps they need to take to ready themselves for a legal fight. They want an attorney who is experienced with their type of injury or claim. They want an honest lawyer, a trustworthy lawyer, a lawyer who takes the time to care about the client as a person first and a case second.

But before that happens…

When an accident does occur, regardless if caused by a negligent driver or an object falling into the road or from road construction it’s always a good idea to document evidence as clear and concise as you remember it. Evidence such as photographs, written statements, video and police records. It’s necessary to render a story. And it’s that story that will convince a judge, a jury or arbitrator that your injuries and vehicle damages were not of your doing.

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