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You were involved in a vehicle accident, which resulted in minor damage to your car and some aches and bruises. The police officer on the scene advises you and the person who caused the accident to seek medical attention. But you felt okay so you declined the police officer’s advice.

A few days go by and you start feeling a strange sensation in your shoulder, neck and back. Another day goes by and the sensation has become a discomfort. Then the discomfort starts to feel like sharp needles being poked into your flesh. Now, it’s been a week since the accident and you’re barely able to get out of bed. You’re in agony. The pain is off the charts.

You go to the emergency room and the ER Doctor asks you how you injured yourself. You say you’re not sure. But later admit it could be from the car accident you were involved in a week prior. The doctor says that you will probably need surgery as it looks like the accident did some damage to your spine. You’re in disbelief. You wonder how can a spinal injury effect your neck, back and shoulders. So you schedule a second opinion from another doctor.

The second opinion revealed the same information the first doctor gave. Surgery is imminent. You notify your health insurance as to what the doctors have advised. Now the insurance company representative is asking questions, they want to know how the auto accident happened. They want copies of the police report. And they want you to wait for your surgery until they can conduct a thorough investigation.

Wait? Both doctors said you needed surgery immediately. The pain increases with each passing day and they are saying wait.

You ask the insurance representative how long their investigation might take. They reply a couple weeks or longer. A couple of weeks? You question their logic and tell them the doctor has you already scheduled. The insurance rep insists that you wait. You ask what happens if you go ahead with the surgery while they do their investigation. The rep says that is ill-advised and your claim may be denied.

“But it wasn’t my fault, the person who hit me their insurance should be paying”, you plead with the rep. He responds with some industry jargon that didn’t make sense to you. In the end you felt like you were getting the run around and bottom line you need surgery.

This scenario of battling with the insurance about an injury caused by the negligence of another happens to good people across Indiana more frequently than it should. The insurance company is looking to either save money or pay out as little as possible for each claim that is submitted. By delaying a claim, that is money the insurance companies don’t have to pay out right away. That tactic might be good for the stockholders, but for the injured needing medical attention now, it just doesn’t make sense.

That’s where we come in.

Our firm’s practice includes the representation of plaintiffs against insurance companies. The firm has not and never will represent an insurance company.

Insurance issues are involved in nearly every aspect of injury related litigation. Consequently, our work in assisting plaintiffs collect insurance is a natural extension of the work we do for plaintiffs in injury and wrongful death claims on a routine basis.

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