Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer?

Yes, I’m a lawyer. And yes, you feel slighted, neglected and even frustrated. But no, you don’t really have a case and I can’t represent you in a lawsuit.”

It sounds harsh and maybe a bit uncaring. Yet, I’ve been finding I’m saying that phrase more and more these days to callers who feel they have been wronged in some sort of fashion.

Oh, I really want to help, I really do. So for me turning people away you might think it seems counterintuitive or even counterproductive, right?

Well, it may seem that way. But, what I’m doing is trying to eliminate those who really don’t have a case so I can truly help those that do.

Here’s why…

Although it may seem you have case. And yes, maybe you have been injured in some way. A lawsuit takes time. There is a great deal of preparation involved. Records need to be reviewed testimony gathered and experts called. If your injury or property damage is under a certain threshold the cost of legal services could exceed that limit and any awards or settlements would be consumed by those legal expenses. Or the injury happened years ago and because time has passed the case is no longer allowed to be tried. In Indiana there is a statute of limitations on personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, property damage and wrongful death. There are exceptions, such as if the victim is a minor or the wrongdoing was hidden, but 2 years is what courts generally look to as a cut off. … So time is of the essence when filing a claim. … Some callers have waited too long to call.

But every day I get calls from people hoping to sue someone. Some are legitimate. Others not so much.

Just last week we received these calls:

  • I was in an accident 10 years ago, can you help me sue?
  • The hospital failed to notify me about my test results. I found out 11 months later. Do I have a case?
  • The ER doctor failed to recognize my symptoms, but I felt really sick and went to another ER, and they fixed me up. I could have died. Can you represent me in a lawsuit?
  • I took a defective drug, which made my symptoms worse. I’m okay now, but I want to sue the manufacturer.
  • The air bags didn’t deploy when I was drunk and hit a tree. The car was only 15 years old, can I sue?
  • My deceased neighbor was a hoarder and although his family is trying to clean the house up, in the meantime mice and rats have invaded the neighborhood. Can we sue the estate?

Some sound silly don’t they?

But for the people calling they believed they had a legitimate claim and it could potentially make their lives better in some way. What they fail to realize is that a typical lawsuit doesn’t just happen and money isn’t just handed out. The process takes time. And requires lots of patience. Just to gather the necessary information regarding a claim may take months.

So why do I share this information with you?

I share it to give you an insight and an understanding into why some claims are refused and why we must sometimes turn away those that just don’t have a case. While it is sometimes possible to find someone to take just about any case, be wary if they do so and then proceed to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars to do so.

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