When A Hospital Violates Your Rights

You just found out the very institution you deemed a safe space violated your rights. The hospital you trusted to help you heal from your injuries secretly video recorded you while you were there. They recorded you getting undressed, they recorded your interaction with the doctor and they recorded your medical procedure.

And it wasn’t just a few patients. It’s now reported that the hospital in question recorded over 1800 patients without their consent.

From July 2012 to June 2013 patients were reportedly filmed undergoing medical procedures such as births, dilation and curettage to resolve miscarriages and hysterectomies at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, San Diego County, California. The videos reportedly captured images of patients undergoing operations that were very personal and private in nature.

Even though the alleged recordings occurred many years ago, these patients only found out recently. Now a group of 81 patients have banded together under a class action status to sue the hospital for violating their trust. And they are seeking monetary damages for anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, depression and feelings of powerlessness.

It was alleged that the hospital was grossly negligent in managing those recordings. Which were found stored on desktop computers that could be accessed without passwords. The hospital states the cameras were installed to cut down on theft of drugs, and that the patients were not the focus of the recordings. Yet in a declaration from the hospital’s own attorneys it was noted that video clips depicted, “patients in their most vulnerable state, under anesthesia, exposed and undergoing medical procedures…in an area that is not open/accessible to the public.”

Imagine how you would feel if your trusted doctor or hospital video recorded you without your consent? Then you found out that it wasn’t just you, but thousands of others. You’d feel sick to your stomach, violated and angry.

Although these types of privacy violations are rare, they do happen. And when they do, you can count on the Law Offices of David W Holub to guide you through the process.

The firm’s practice includes the pursuit of class action remedies for plaintiffs who have been injured in a similar fashion.

A “class action” is a type of lawsuit where a large group of plaintiffs who have suffered the same or a similar injury, can join together to pool their resources in a single lawsuit. Class actions are particularly appropriate where an individual’s injuries are clear, but the cost to investigate and prove fault on the part of the defendant is greater than the dollar value of the damage suffered by one plaintiff. David Holub has coordinated several class actions and other complex cases in which clients have sought recovery for injury, loss of property, loss of insurance, and property damage.

For more specific examples of the areas of law in which we concentrate, the firm has compiled a list of notable cases for your review.

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