Woman Seriously Injured On Interstate

We recently favorably resolved for a client a claim stemming from a horrific crash on a local interstate freeway. She was in the right hand lane going near the speed limit when the semi-tractor trailer operator failed to check his mirrors and moved into her lane. The impact caused her month old car to spin rapidly. As the seatbelt fired and held her tight the truck and car impacted each other multiple times until she finally slowed and ended up in the median facing oncoming traffic. Thankfully, and for some strange reason, the car did not flip, but the force of the spinning ground the rubber from the tires on all four wheels and witnesses could see sparks flying from the wheel rims sliding over the concrete as her car spun. Also, thankfully the traffic behind the impact point on the busy highway was able to come to a safe controlled stop. But, traffic was backed up behind the scene for three hours as police documented the crash, helped make way for an ambulance and paramedics, and debris was removed from the roadway.

Why do we share this story? Because it is not just a news story … it happened to one of our clients who we were honored to work very hard for to help her obtain compensation and more importantly, get her life back. The financial impact of the crash, setting aside physical injuries for a moment, was major and included months off of work and second and third mortgages to keep the creditors at bay.

If you have been involved in a crash with an eighteen wheeler on a highway or interstate in Indiana and need help putting the pieces of your life back together, please give us a call at 1-219-736-9700. We realize that it is sometimes more convenient to contact us via chat or the free consult form on our webpage, but we would encourage you to reach us by phone so we can go over the details of what happened with you so that we can get a clear picture of what we will need to do to help.

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