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Home repair scams are one of the most prevalent types of cons you may encounter. Often, scammers pose as door-to-door contractors trying to quickly get you to commit to paying them for various home improvement projects. In 2014, there were more than 800 home improvement-related scams reported to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. Scammers prey on seniors, those who live alone, and people who live in areas that have recently been damaged by storms. Protect yourself from falling victim to a home repair scam by making sure you get a written, signed contract from the contractor.

Indiana law requires home improvement contracts exceeding $150 be in writing. Make sure the contract includes the price of the job, a detailed description of the work and materials, estimated start and completion dates, the contractor’s name and contact information, and the contractor’s signature.

Also, never pay for an entire project before work has begun. Try to work out an agreement for a payment schedule that spreads out payments based on work done throughout the process through completion — and put your agreed payment schedule in writing in the contract.

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