Because of its close proximity to other major cities, Chesterton gets its fair share of passing truck traffic. Unfortunately, this also means the likelihood of a large truck accident occurring in Chesterton is very high. In fact, about one in every eight accidents on the road throughout the U.S. involves a semi-truck, and that can mean many problems.

When semi-truck drivers are behind the wheel, they are usually on a deadline. In an effort to meet those deadlines, truck drivers often disobey common traffic rules and put others on the road at risk. Many truck drivers are cited for ignoring speed limits, driving in inclement weather conditions, driving aggressively, and driving with loads that are too heavy or improperly secured.

Though there is a high number of these types of crashes, remember that large truck accidents are not your average, everyday collision. Most semi-truck drivers are heavily insured, and their insurance companies will stoutly defend any liability claims against them. If you are involved in any type of truck accident in the Chesterton area, your first step should be to call a Chesterton truck accident lawyer. The Law Offices of David W. Holub P.C. is experienced in handling these types of claims, and that experience can be very valuable when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies that represent trucking companies.

The Chesterton truck accident lawyers at the Law Offices of David W. Holub know the special laws that regulate semi-trucks and their drivers. We know how to conduct a proper survey of the truck accident scene. We also understand the rules that govern semi-trucks on the road, such as how many hours a driver is supposed to be behind the wheel, if proper licenses were issued, etc.

Don’t regard a collision with a semi-truck as “just another car accident.” Call the Law Offices of David W. Holub and let us put our experience with truck accidents to work for you.

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