Patients in Indiana nursing homes are at risk of falling due to their precarious health. Many nursing home management companies will try to hide or cover up when an elderly person falls in a nursing home. Proper care requires assessing fall risks and implementing and enforcing procedures that keep patients safe. If a fall occurs, family members should be notified, and the patient’s physician should be notified. It is no excuse to say that call buttons don’t work, or that there are not enough nurses or other caregivers available to give the proper attention to patients. Additionally, staff members must be taught the proper technics for lifting and moving patients, as many patient falls occur during efforts to transfer the patient from bed to chair or other locations.

Proper supervision and preventive measures can reduce or eliminate the risk of falling. Fractured hips or shoulder fractures are exceedingly painful injuries. Elderly patients place themselves in the care of nursing professionals precisely because they wish to avoid injury.

If your loved one has fallen while in the care of a nursing home, a hospital, or other care facility, they may have been the victim of negligence. Please contact our office for a consultation with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney who handles personal injury cases involving nursing homes.

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