A car accident can bring on stress beyond what is easily anticipated. Waiting for the police, exchanging information with the other party and making arrangements to get medical care and new transportation can be the tip of the ice berg. What happens if your car is a total loss, but you have a loan on the car that is more than the value of the car? How do you recover the costs of medical bills? If you ever find yourself in a LaPorte County car accident, getting a top notch attorney should be a priority.

An attorney can help you get pictures of your car, the other cars involved, the accident scene, and surrounding environment. An attorney can help obtain statements of eye witnesses.

Once your injuries have been cared for, you should consider calling an accident lawyer who handles LaPorte County car accidents right away. Whether your damages were significant or slight, having an accident attorney’s guidance and legal knowledge at your service is essential to effectively pursuing damage compensation from the other parties involved in the automobile crash.

For example: did you know that in Indiana, the time limit for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years? A local attorney familiar with LaPorte County car accidents will be important to handling your claim. Such a lawyer will help you collect on everything from medical bills, car repairs, and help secure car rental costs and wages lost due to the accident.

Should you or someone you know need the help of a skilled LaPorte County car accident lawyer, contact the Law Offices of David W. Holub immediately after the accident.

The Holub team is experienced and dedicated, and ready to fight for your rights as a LaPorte County injury victim and get you the compensation you deserve.

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