When you are in a wreck involving a water vessel, the consequences can be life-changing. During this difficult time, you may need the support of an experienced Merrillville boat accident lawyer who could navigate civil injury law and help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the regulations and statutes relating to waterways. After suffering harm from a third party’s negligent or reckless actions, a hardworking personal injury accident attorney could protect your rights and represent you in court.

Causes of Boating Collisions

Boating wrecks can arise from multiple factors, each with its own legal implications. A dedicated boat lawyer in Merrillville could assess the details of a case to determine legal liability and recover compensable losses.

Inattention and Recklessness

Inattention or lack of knowledge of safe boating practices on an operator’s part can lead to a crash, along with an error in navigation or the inability to respond quickly to water conditions. Vessel accidents can also result from reckless driving, including speeding, wake jumping, and performing dangerous stunts or sharp turns.

Boating Under the Influence

Like driving under the influence (DUI), Indiana has boating under the influence (BUI) laws, that make it illegal to operate a watercraft while inhibited due to drugs or alcohol. This can cause slow reaction times and impaired coordination, increasing the risk of a collision.

Weather Conditions

A severe change in weather can rapidly affect the conditions on the water. Adverse conditions such as heavy rain, strong wind, fog, or thunderstorms can increase the risk of vessel wrecks. While boat operators cannot control or fully anticipate the weather, they are still responsible for exercising vigilance in response to dangerous conditions.

Applicable Statutes and Laws

Local watercraft crashes are regulated by state boating laws and legal precedents established under negligence and tort law. The state code outlines rules regarding vessel operation requirements, such as speed limits, navigational lights, equipment, and designation of right-of-way, as well as regulations concerning BUIs. In addition, Indiana tort law discusses how to pursue legal claims if an injury was caused by a third party’s negligence or recklessness.

Given the lack of significant waterways, workers in this state do not usually fall under the jurisdiction of federal maritime law like those in coastal regions. However, maritime law may apply in certain watercraft accident cases, specifically those involving waterways that are part of interstate commerce. A compassionate boat accident lawyer in Merrillville could provide more information on statutes and laws pertaining to an injury.

Types of Compensation for Boating Collisions

In a wreck caused by operator negligence or recklessness, the hurt party is entitled to various types of compensation. Damages are determined by the case facts, such as the type of accident and severity of the injuries. Types of compensation may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium or loss of services
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Punitive damages

Medical costs can consist of emergency room expenses, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and medication. This may be necessary if a plaintiff experiences severe head injuries or spinal injuries that could last for years.

Fatal Injuries

For fatal injuries due to a boat crash, the decedent’s family can claim loss of consortium or loss of services. Loved ones may be entitled to compensation for their family member’s loss of guidance, companionship, or support. In a fatal wreck, the surviving family may also recover the cost of funeral and burial expenses.

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