Being injured in an automobile accident in Newton County, Indiana, inevitably brings to mind questions and concerns which you normally don’t think about. Once you obtain proper medical attention, the next step should be to contact a Newton County car accident lawyer. Making that one phone call can make a huge impact in making a good financial recovery if you have been injured.

Why Call an Attorney?

If you are injured in an accident that was not primarily your fault, an attorney can help protect your rights. Insurance companies often try to make low ball settlement offers to secure a signed release in an effort to prevent a lawsuit. This can foreclose a fair settlement.

But What if I am Partly at Fault?

A Newton County car accident lawyer can be of great help if you are concerned that you might be partly at fault for a car or truck crash. We can look at the details of the accident to help determine whether or not the accident could have been avoided. While the courts and sometimes law enforcement will ultimately decide this issue, the information that the lawyer obtains can serve as a good indicator as to whether or not there is a case and the likelihood of a favorable outcome. For example, the law on who has the right of way when a left turn is made on a green signal depends on many facts, and securing witness statements soon after a crash occurs can be extremely important.

Who to Call?

Choosing the right Newton County car accident lawyer is one of the most important decisions that an accident victim can make. You need to choose someone who is experienced, local and will fight for a victim’s rights even when the outcome is not certain. If you or a loved one were recently involved in an automobile accident and would like to speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer, call the Law Offices of David W. Holub today.

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