Vaccine Injury

A civilian two-year-old child living in the household of an Army Serviceman, was exposed to and contracted the vaccinia virus and developed eczema vaccinatum. The child eventually overcame acute respiratory distress syndrome, bacteraemia, renal failure, and associated ailments. The vaccinia virus is a “live virus” administered as a smallpox vaccine to encourage the body to develop immunity to smallpox. Candidates must be carefully screened before a medical decision is made to give the vaccine, and the family alleged that the vaccination was given despite a medical screening that determined two clear and well recognized contraindications: a) the serviceman had a prior medical history of a skin ailment consistent with being eczema or atopic dermatitis, and b) members of the serviceman’s household (in particular two small children of the serviceman) at the time of the vaccination had a history of eczema. Federal District Court Northern District of Indiana, Cause No. 2:09-cv-00089-JVB-PRC.

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