Due to the city’s dependence on the steel industry throughout the last several decades, Portage, Indiana is still known as a heavily industrial city. In fact from 2008-2012, 50% of males in Portage worked in either Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing, or Construction. In 2009 alone, 3,078 of all workers – male and female – worked in the metal or metal products industry.

Though these industries have kept the city thriving, they also contribute to a high work injury rate. The occupations that dominate Portage can prove to be very dangerous and are known to cause severe, life-altering injuries. In worst case scenarios, they sometimes even result in death.

If you were recently victim to a severe injury at work, obtaining the help of a trusted Portage work injury lawyer is strongly recommended. They can lend an empathetic ear and assess the strength of your claim.

Do I Have An Injury Claim?

Portage residents are subject to being injured on the job every day. It’s a risk you take when you commit to being an employee. Especially if you operate dangerous machinery or perform tasks that require lifting, raising yourself to extreme heights, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

This is why determining the validity of your claim can be difficult. Yes, you may feel you were wronged; but it is important to understand certain details unbeknownst to you that may weaken your claim.

For example, you claim your employer failed to provide you with the correct type of protective gear and you received an injury shortly after starting the job. Sounds like fault should be awarded to the employer, right?

Not necessarily. Many aspects of the story have yet to be examined. The only way to know for sure that you have a sound claim is to seek out the help of an experienced Portage Work Injury Lawyer.

What A Portage Work Injury Lawyer Can Do For You

As stated previously, each work injury case and its details are uniquely different and enlisting the help of a competent personal injury lawyer is crucial. They listen closely to your story, assess your claim, and then determine the validity of your claim.

Depending on the outcome, your attorney will then guide you through your next steps and advise you on how to achieve your specific legal goals. This can include having your medical expenses paid, receiving lost wages from days missed due to recovery, pain and suffering compensation, and much more.

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of David W. Holub are ready to listen to your story and assess your claim. If you think you may have a strong work injury claim, contact the Law Offices of David W. Holub, P.C. today and feel confident knowing you will have expert work injury lawyers representing and guiding you throughout this difficult process.

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