Your Bicycle Frame Fails Causing Serious Injury

Your new hi-tech bicycle cost a pretty penny. It looks sharp too. But, as you are rolling down the trail you experience a sudden frame collapse, leading you and the bicycle to go down hard while traveling at 15 miles an hour. Thankfully a friend preserved the wreck of the bike. Several broken bones later […]

What Pedestrians Must Do When Hit by a Car

Suppose you are a pedestrian  and as you walk to your car at the local shopping mall parking lot, someone backs out of a parking slot and strikes you. This is a rather common occurrence judging by the number of calls we get each week. It is also rather common in these pedestrian and car accident situations […]

No Brainer Ways to Ruin your Car Crash Case

  Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. This video discusses what we call no-brainer ways to wreck your auto accident case, or basically any injury case. One of the first ways is to go to a lawyer who will recommend or direct you, as a client, to a doctor. This is something […]

Under The Influence In Indiana

Driving under the influence seems to be subjective throughout the United States. “Under The Influence” means that the person operating a motor vehicle has consumed alcohol or ingested or smoked some type of drug. Yet, not all of these substances are equally classified. And, sadly some drugs are now sold on corner stores with or […]

Church Bus Crash Linked to Texting

Another day and another headline involving a fatal crash linked to texting while driving. No matter how many times it is brought to the attention of drivers, the temptation to text while driving is apparently too great for many people who carry a smartphone while driving. Reports are that a witness saw a driver of […]