The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub


Immunity: What It Means and Who Is Liable?

Do you acknowledge and explicitly assume COVID-19 risks before receiving care? Do you also agree to hold harmless this facility and grant legal immunity to our doctors and medical providers? These types of questions are appearing more and more on intake forms that health care providers are using when screening patients. Refusing to acknowledge these […]

Suing the Government for Your Injury

In a difficult scene in the movie “90 Minutes in Heaven”, a lawyer had to inform the family of a catastrophically injured client that any lawsuit they might bring against the state government would be severely capped and that their recovery would be very limited. In the movie the crash involved a state vehicle that […]

What is Governmental Immunity?

In the general sense, governmental immunity is the idea that the government is protected, or immune, from being sued on certain types of matters. The law categorizes lawsuits based on the underlying reason for the claim. For example, breach of contract claims are treated differently than personal injury claims. In Indiana, a person generally can […]