Lending Your Car Comes With Risks and Possible Lawsuits

You lent your car to a neighbor to run errands. The neighbor calls you two hours later and says they were in an accident, the car is totaled and there are injuries. You heart skips a beat. You stumble for words. You ask if your neighbor is okay. Your neighbor gives you few details then […]

Posting Selfies Can Get You Killed

We have posted before about how social media posts in general, including the posting of selfies, can harm a personal injury case. But, selfie posts can get you killed and lead to other destructive harm as noted in an article published on July 26, 2018, by authors Allen and Heber. The article describes how militant fighters […]

Church Bus Crash Linked to Texting

Another day and another headline involving a fatal crash linked to texting while driving. No matter how many times it is brought to the attention of drivers, the temptation to text while driving is apparently too great for many people who carry a smartphone while driving. Reports are that a witness saw a driver of […]

Determining Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering

It’s been 2 months since the accident and although your injuries weren’t classified as severe you are still experiencing extreme pain. It’s this pain that’s preventing you from returning to work, or living a normal life. Each visit to your primary care physician or physical therapist you are asked, “on a scale of 1-10, with […]

How Important Is An Expert Witness And How Are They Selected?

You recently sustained injuries in a car accident. You know it wasn’t your fault, but how do you prove it? Sure, you have medical bills which state the nature of your injury and a police report showing you weren’t at fault unfortunately the insurance company is stating both those documents as insufficient. The insurance deems […]