Terrified and Left In Tears

For several months, many amusement parks around the world sat idle with their doors closed to the public. It was deemed necessary to help slow the spread rate of infection caused by the Coronavirus. Now those parks adhering to special guidelines are opening once again. Unfortunately, injuries are occurring. The same social distancing protocols that […]

Is My Deposition Important?

Occasionally a personal injury case client will ask is my deposition really that important? … The answer is yes, but only if you want to win. … Sure, preparing for a deposition (which is a statement under oath taken down by a court reporter) is a bit of a pain. To properly prepare you need […]

The Package You Ordered Resulted In A Slip & Fall Injury Case

Have you ever ordered an item and the company says they shipped it to you but you never received it? Maybe you even contacted the postal authorities or the parcel delivery companies wondering where your package was. And they replied, “we delivered it”. They even tell you where they put your package. Which in most […]

Seven Mistakes That Could Cause You To Lose Your Injury Case

You’ve been involved in auto accident and you’re looking for legal representation. Did you know that if these certain costly mistakes are made…it could ruin your whole case? That’s right! And sadly, if the case involves out of pocket expenses and you lose you won’t get reimbursed by the insurance or by the other party […]