I’ll Order The Slip & Fall Special Please

A beautiful new restaurant opened up in town, you and a group of friends were first in line to experience it. Your party waited in the lobby area as your table was being prepared. The smells were overwhelming and you couldn’t wait to taste this fantastic food. As your server escorted you and your friends […]

New Bicyclist Safety Protections In Indiana

How many times have you encountered a bicyclist traveling in your lane of travel along the right side of the road? The bicyclist is not taking up the whole lane, but they are traveling pretty slowly in comparison to your vehicle and you want to try to get around them. However, with a steady stream […]

The Third Leading Cause Of Death

“Oops”, says your doctor after he botched an incision. Getting an “oops” a minute into your operation just doesn’t give you confidence in the doctor’s ability to perform his/her duty. Although in most surgeries, the patient is under anesthesia and rarely hears the doctor say any word that might cause concern for their safety. And […]

When Trying To Quit Almost Kills You

You awaken to the sheer throbbing pain that is emanating from the left side of your face. You glance around, but the surroundings are strange and unrecognizable. You try to move only to discover you are strapped to a bed. Then someone approaches. It’s a nurse, who upon seeing you conscious tells you why you […]

Recalls, Responsibilities and Rights

You were in an automobile accident and the airbags never deployed. You and your passengers suffered injuries and trauma. The person who hit your vehicle didn’t have insurance. So who’s responsible? Is the other vehicle driver responsible? Or is the car manufacturer? Or perhaps the airbag manufacturer? Or maybe your mechanic who last inspected your […]