46 Million Dollar Settlement

Kind of grabs your attention doesn’t it? $46 Million! And just about every newspaper, radio and internet media channel made sure to highlight that big number. January 6, 2020 was the day the announcement went out. And within days the news was everywhere. The Swedish furniture retailer agreed to pay $46 million to settle a […]

How to Get the Most Out of Our Website

Over the years we have added over 80 videos to our website. We also frequently add breaking news on the legal information front through our blog. We have now accumulated so much information that it’s almost too much to sort through. So how do you find things on our website? Well check out this podcast […]

This Injures and Kills Hunters More Than Guns

Across Indiana thousands of licensed hunters go into the woods and fields in search of deer, turkey, grouse, squirrels and many other types of wild game. Most return safely. But for a small percentage the injuries are life threatening. Oh, it’s not animals versus humans or even a gun mishap that causes the injuries, it’s […]

Excessive Injury Due to Vehicle Crashworthiness Failure

You are stopped on the highway waiting to turn right into the parking lot at the beauty shop you go to every week. Another customer is backing out as you wait to pull into the lot. You get hit from the rear, and it’s a fellow with no insurance. It was a jolt, but not […]

Ford vs Forklift: Determining Negligence In A Road Accident Situation

A section of road you travel on frequently to and from home, to which you know every bump, turn and stop along the way, almost became the spot of yours and your children’s demise. The emergency first responders called it a miracle that no one was critically injured or killed. You are driving your Ford […]