Moving Sidewalks Malfunction Causing Injuries

One of the nation’s largest home improvement supply stores is suing the company that installed its moving walkways. The lawsuit was filed against ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. The reason? Customers were injured when they fell when a moving sidewalk at a store malfunctioned. In an article discussing the suit’s details, the company that made and installed […]

Common Sense Driving Tips

Last summer the roads were empty, people were afraid to travel. Accidents were non-existent. Courtrooms were closed and lawsuits were put on hold. In my 30 plus years of being a lawyer I can definitely say it was a weird time indeed. Unfortunately, that weirdness didn’t last long and it seems the roads are now […]

Covid and The Fall Of The Nursing Home Industry

In the December 2020 special edition of the AARP Bulletin an article entitled “A Failing Business Model” showcases how Covid 19 has revealed and worsened weaknesses in nursing home finances. The article brings to light the dependence of Medicare patients that these nursing homes have relied on, unfortunately, that dependence has created a hazardous problem. […]

Practical and Legal Ways to Deal with Social Media Blackouts

Freedom of speech is a simple concept. Think Ben Franklin and his printing press. Social media is little more than a modern day Franklin permitting citizens an opportunity to state their opinions in a daily newspaper for free. Since today’s Franklin owns the paper, ink and printing press, the law permits him to decline to […]