Warning: This Article May Cause You To File A Lawsuit

I recently ordered a package of 9 volt batteries from Amazon for our smoke detectors here at the office. Inside the package of batteries was a pamphlet written in English and 7 other languages. Each language had the same 40 or so warnings about the batteries for basically every scenario you could think of that […]

Wild Animals and Lawsuits: Insight On The Legal Process

It was headline news and yet, it didn’t seem to stop people from forming their own opinions and casting both sides as bad on social media. A little boy was dragged off by an alligator and the media frenzy that followed made it sometimes tough to know who or what was at fault. What we […]

Don’t Let This Hot New Toy Burn You!

Imagine, three days after your son unwrapped the present you gave him for Christmas…it spontaneously catches fire and explodes. He wasn’t hurt, but your very expensive gift is a total loss. Yet, for those three days your son was the most popular kid on the block. Everyone wanted a chance to experience riding his new […]