Despite all your efforts to use caution on the job, accidents can happen. A construction accident lawyer protects victims who have been involved in a work site accident and helps recoup lost wages and damages incurred by the accident.

What Does a Construction Accident Lawyer Do?

A construction accident lawyer assists in preparing liability claims for victims injured while on the job. Construction accident lawyers investigate the accident and prepare the legal claim after examining the applicable laws. Depending on applicable state laws, a compensation claim is filed with the proper state agency (if a worker’s compensation claim is involved) or in a court of law. In working with an experienced accident lawyer, one has the assistance needed to prepare a successful legal claim against the party responsible for the loss. An experienced attorney with experience in construction accident law can help resolve claims for some of the most serious construction workplace injury claims.

Why Do I Need a Valparaiso Construction Accident Lawyer?

Your construction accident lawyer will examine the facts and the laws pertaining to your construction accident. All of the medical expenses, lost wages, impact on quality of life and other factors are considered as a part of the claims process. All parties involved are carefully examined in order to determine whether or not a particular party should be held liable for the injury. Construction site owners, contractors, parts manufacturers, and other parties could be potentially responsible for an accident, and liability must be determined on a case-by-case basis. It is the construction lawyer’s responsibility to determine what legal remedies are available for the victim.

If involved in a worker’s compensation suit, the accident attorney works with the state claim system to secure benefits. Through a personal injury lawsuit, the attorney proves that a third party is negligent. In the event of a product liability claim, the attorney brings a suit against the manufacturer of the product for injuries resulting from an accident.

Anyone suffering injuries from a fall, electric shock, crane incident, explosion, falling debris, or chemical spill should consult with an experienced Valparaiso construction accident lawyer from the Law Offices of David W. Holub immediately to maximize their claim recovery potential. These serious accidents can have a lasting impact on the victim’s lifestyle and livelihood for years to come.

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