Correcting Your Medical Record

Transcript: This video provides information on how to correct inaccuracies in your medical records.

If you find that in getting your medical records that there are inaccuracies in the records, or incomplete information, there is something that you can do about it. Under HIPPA you can follow certain procedures to have the doctors make corrections or add to records if they have left information out or misrepresented information. You can get forms for doing that by going to the Health and Human Services website. It is and looking for looking for the search item HIPPA. That is the particular federal regulation that governs patient’s rights and what can be in medical records, and what things can be disclosed in medical records and what things cannot be disclosed to people unless there is specific permission that’s given. So authorization has to be given before certain information can be disclosed to others. We frequently find that our clients have discovered that information is not correct in their medical records. And this is the mechanism that needs to be followed to correct those particular misstatements or inaccuracies in records. So check with our online materials for the actual link to the HHS website and more specifics on how to take steps to correct the errors in your medical records.

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