Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

Transcript: What is an insurance adjuster? Well, it does not mean much more than that the person is an employee and an agent of an insurance company. Now they have had certain training and that training is in how to value claims and how to value property, but they have also had a lot of training in how to take advantage of individuals who lack their training and sophistication where it comes to insurance. There are two types of adjuster you are likely to encounter following a collision, would be your own insurance company where you have to talk to them, have to report the incident, you have to cooperate because they have an obligation to defend you if the other side claims that you are at fault. And sometimes you have certain rights under their policy for medical pay coverage or for uninsured motorist you have to cooperate and you have to talk with them. But keep in mind even your own company’s representatives have to be looked at with caution. By caution I mean you have to be on guard when you are talking with them. Now the more clear adversary is the insurance adjuster for the opposing party. That insurance company is absolutely out to get you in any way possible. They will come to your door on occasion and meet with you after a collision where you suffered horrendous serious injuries and tell you well I will write you a check if you sign this release. That’s actually happened to many of our clients and they were smart enough to talk to an attorney before going any further, but these kind of things happen, the insurance adjusters on the other side whether you are talking to them for property damages purposes or for injury purposes have a goal to minimize your claim, pay the least, or pay you nothing. We often find that these type of insurance company employees will lead people on to suggest that oh yes we will settle your case, only to get right up to the time of the statute of limitations, or even beyond the statute of limitations, and then tell the person that your case is closed, because the statute of limitations has expired and you didn’t sue. So exercise caution and when in doubt speak with an attorney. There is more information on our website. You are free to look at that.

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