Understanding Insurance Policy Language

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub, and this video discusses the subject of what does my insurance policy language mean?

If you’ve ever taken time to read an insurance policy that you have purchased, I’m sure that you would agree that the language is anything but clear. In many cases, it’s absolutely essential to get a complete copy of your insurance policy. You need the entire policy, plus endorsements, and plus the policy application.

Sometimes an insurance company will deny a claim based on a narrow paragraph of language in the policy. If an insurance company cites language out of context, it can be the same as if they have misrepresented the entire policy. Insurance companies draft the insurance policies. Never does an insurance company let you as an individual draft the policy between you and the insurance company.

The policy constitutes the contract, and any ambiguity in the contract between you and insurance company is to be construed in your favor because the insurance company had the ability to draft the policy and you did not.

Many times when an attorney looks at the full policy, they can determine that in fact you are covered for a particular loss, even though the insurance company has denied the claim.

This video is not meant to provide legal advice. Rather, it’s just simply to clue you in on the importance of having an experienced attorney review your insurance policy if you have questions about coverage.

Consult with an attorney so that you understand the insurance company’s obligations under its policy of insurance and understand your legal rights and your obligations when presenting a claim for an insurance loss.

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