Insurance Company Must Promptly Respond to Claims

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.

In Indiana, an insurance company has to act reasonably promptly when you communicate with it on a claim. An insurance company has to have standards written out to guide it and its employees in how to timely evaluate and respond to your claim for insurance proceeds. So, is responding within 30 days acting reasonably promptly?

Probably so. How about 60 days? Not likely. It does take time to evaluate the facts of a claim. In fact, an insurance company cannot refuse a claim without first evaluating the facts on which the claim is based.

Nevertheless, an insurance company must act with good faith, make a prompt, fair, and equitable settlement where liability has become reasonably clear. An insurance company can be penalized by the Indiana Commissioner of Insurance if it fails to affirm or deny coverage of claims within a reasonable time after a proof of claim has been presented.

If you file a claim and you’re being stonewalled, call an attorney. It’s common for insurance companies to try to drag things out so that the statute of limitations expires on a claim before you even realize what’s happening. Don’t let an insurance company wear you out or drag its feet.

Call today to speak with an experienced attorney with a proven track record to get answers, and get them now.

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