How To Handle The Other Party’s Insurance Adjuster

Transcript: This video clip addresses whether there is a sure-fire way to convince yourself that the insurance adjuster for the other driver is not on your side? Sure. There are several different ways. First, ask for a copy of the insurance policy insuring the other driver. Ask for a listing of the coverage limits and benefits insuring the other driver. How that insurance company reacts will tell you a lot about whether that company is on your side. Second, if they ask you for a recorded statement ask them immediately if you can take a recorded statement of the other driver. Tell them that you have a recorder available right by your phone and you would like the phone number of the other driver and you would like the opportunity to record a statement from that driver. Their response will give you a good idea as to whose side they’re on. If in talking to the other adjuster, which you should by now know you shouldn’t be doing at all, but if in talking to that other adjuster you’re told that there’s a witness who has given a statement that puts you completely at fault, ask that adjuster for a copy of that witness’ statement and the name and address of that witness, and the phone number of that witness. How the insurance adjuster responds to you will tell you a little bit about whether they’re on your side or not.

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