Things to Do if Injured by a Defective Product

Transcript: Hi, I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.
At least a couple times a week, we have calls from people who have suffered an injury as a result of a product defect.

We’ve handled many products liability claims over the years, and one that comes to mind involves a small child who was injured as a result of a sharp edge that caused a deep laceration on the child’s foot and led to a nerve injury.

Another case involved a food processor that did not have a switch that disabled the operation of the blades at the time the machine was disassembled for cleaning and the client was severely injured when the blades started operation and lacerated her hand and arm.

Another case involved a television tip over case where a television was sitting on top of a dresser and two little children were playing in front of the tv and accidentally touched it and knocked it off on top of an infant that was crushed, who was playing below the tv on the floor.

Additionally, drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies can qualify as products to which products liability law applies.

For example, if they do not give a proper warning on the drug of side effects and dangers that can result in a defective product.

The legal theory behind products liability cases is what’s called strict liability, which means a manufacturer is strictly liable if they make a mistake that causes the product to be unreasonably dangerous. That can be in the way it’s designed or it can be in the lack of a warning attached to the product or in the product manual.

We deal with products liability cases routinely. We’re happy to take your calls on such matters, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have a situation where you’ve been injured as a result of a product that you have been using at the time of your injury. It’s important to know your legal rights in such situations.

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