How To Avoid Tractor Injuries

Transcript: Tractor safety and transporting tractors on the highway.

In Indiana, there’s a big need for agricultural equipment to be moving up and down the highways. That might be tractors, that might be combines, that might be other slow-moving vehicles. And one of the things that is important to keep in mind as a driver, we all as drivers have a responsibility to slow down and pay attention to these items of equipment that are being moved down a roadway. And we are supposed to exercise caution and slow down. So keep in mind that there is some responsibility on the part of the driver to avoid hitting such vehicles. Now farm equipment tends to move at around 25 miles per hour or less. And the safe thing to do is to put up slow moving vehicle signs. You’ll see them on wagons and other agricultural items that are moving about on the highways. So safety requires that these vehicles be given caution and we have had a number of situations where cars have actually run into tractors and have caused serious injuries to the operators of the agricultural equipment. Our advice: be careful out there. Be careful around these items of equipment. And if you are operating them, put out red flags tied to the end of the equipment, put out proper slow-moving vehicle signs to avoid a collision.

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