Serious injuries—from car accidents to falls—happen every day, impacting the ability to work, complete basic daily tasks, or even live without chronic pain. When you have been hurt through no fault of your own, a civil lawsuit may be an option.

A Westville personal injury lawyer could help you pursue financial compensation for these hardships. Holding the responsible party accountable is not always simple, but the dedicated attorneys from The Law Offices of David W. Holub could guide you through the process.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

There may be financial compensation available for injuries that occur under certain circumstances. However, negligence must be involved for the case to be viable for compensation. In general, negligence is a careless or reckless act that leads to another person’s injury. Some of the cases our Westville personal injury attorneys could handle include:

Vehicle Accidents

Arguably, the most common type of personal injury lawsuit involves a vehicle crash. These collisions might include passenger cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and even pedestrians. Acts of negligence that might result in one of these incidents include speeding, driving while intoxicated, or following another car too closely.

Slip and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can run the entire spectrum, from minor inconvenience to life-changing injury. The part of the body that absorbs the impact of the fall will usually determine how serious the injury is. When a person lands on their head or neck, they can suffer traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. These conditions are more likely when a fall occurs from a significant height.

Medical Mistakes

Doctors are not immune to making mistakes, but the consequences of their carelessness are often devastating. This might include failing to accurately diagnose a disease or performing a surgical procedure on the wrong body part.

Defective Products

Some of these cases will not stem directly from a negligent act of another person but from the manufacturer of a product that caused an injury. When a consumer or industrial product is defective, its use can result in serious bodily injuries. These situations might involve a kitchen appliance exploding or an industrial cleaner causing a debilitating illness. In such scenarios, the manufacturer may be liable.

The Time Limit to File a Lawsuit

There is a strict deadline that applies to the filing of every injury lawsuit. This deadline—primarily known as the statute of limitations—can lead to the dismissal with prejudice of an injury case. Dismissal with prejudice means the plaintiff loses their opportunity to seek compensation forever.

In Westville, there is a two-year time limit to file a personal injury suit. This period of time begins expiring on the day of the injury. When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, this involves the date of the accident. Determining the statutory deadline can be more complex when it comes to malpractice cases that have a delayed onset of symptoms. The skilled legal professionals at our firm could provide a clear deadline for a specific civil claim.

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