2019: Year in Review – Part 1

Wow, what a year. Over the course of 2019 we shared 40 blog articles to our website that covered drunk driving, construction site safety, why you need an attorney, life in a nursing home, bicycle frame failures, medical malpractice and much more. We condensed 20 of those articles here in Part 1 of our Year in Review. (Click Here For Part 2)

Getting Compensation When a Drunk Driver Causes Injury – we shared how finding a source to compensate victims for the harms suffered is problematic.

Sorry, Our Number Was Spoofed! – we shared how our number was spoofed by nefarious scammers and used to confuse the community and what consumers can do if it happens to them.

Construction Site Safety and Trench-Related Injuries – we shared measures that could be used to prevent construction site and trench related accidents.

Injured By The Birdbox Challenge? – in this article we shared the how some were emulating what Sandra Bullock does in the movie “Birdbox” then creating challenges were life threatening.

Why Can’t You Help Me, Aren’t You A Lawyer? – here we share why you may not really have case at all and why lawyers may seem like they are refusing work.

What Pedestrians Must Do When Hit by a Car – in this article we share steps you should take if ever you were involved in a pedestrian vs car incident.

Why You Need An Attorney That Fights For You! – here we share why it’s important to have an attorney that fights for you and fights against the insurance companies.

Ice Cold Negligence – in this article we share why snow and ice removal from your vehicle is imperative before you drive away.

Forgotten Care: Life In A Nursing Home – not all nursing facilities are the same, in this article we point out the flaws and why patient neglect is on the rise.

Determining Compensation In Personal Injury Cases– here we share two components in determining compensation; economic and non-economic damages.

Practical and Legal Ways to Deal with Social Media Blackouts – in this blog article we share the slippery slope of freedom of speech when applied to social media.

Your Bicycle Frame Fails Causing Serious Injury – here we share information regarding bicycle frame collapse and how to preserve the wreckage.

Without Consent: When A Hospital Violates Your Rights – oh boy, in this article you’ll discover how over 1800 patients at this California hospital were recorded without their consent.

Cancer Diagnosis and Medical Malpractice – here we share why patients call attorneys with questions concerning surgeries for themselves or family members.

When A Child’s Sleeper Turns Deadly – in this article we shared how 5 million baby sleepers were recalled after being linked to dozens of infants deaths.

Seatbelt and Airbag Malfunction Injuries – here we share the pros and cons of airbags and your legal rights if they malfunction.

Blades Of Summer – this one focuses on lawn mower safety defects and how injuries can occur if those defects are not addressed.

Warning: This Article May Cause You To File A Lawsuit – here we share how we determine if the product that injured you came with adequate warnings.

Recalls, Responsibilities and Rights – here we share who is responsible if you or a family member is involved in an accident caused by another’s negligence.

Vehicle Stability and Roof Crush Rollover Injuries – in this article we look at regulations that apply to most vehicles that determine if the design and strength could have prevented injuries.

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