Back and Spine Injuries | Paralysis

You are at work, and some supply boxes come in and need to be shelved. You have lifted boxes like them before without incident, but this time you feel an excruciating pain in your back. Or, you are passing through an intersection, wearing your seatbelt as usual, when someone runs a red light and you are t-boned at highway speeds and your neck snaps with such force that the cervical discs in your spine lose their normal shape and become herniated or ruptured and the pain is beyond what you ever imagined the worst pain could be. Or, maybe you are heading from the gas pump after pumping gas to go inside and pay your bill and your shoe catches on an unsafe raised area of the pavement and you go down hard and feel such a wrenching in your low back that you cannot stand on your own.

Back and spinal cord injuries can have can have a devastating impact on injury survivors and their families. Our team is well equipped to help with injuries such as paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia), herniated disks, ruptured disks and other debilitating spine injuries. We work with life care planners, economists and vocational rehabilitation experts to determine the full extent of what our clients have lost.

Our goal is to get you the full compensation you need to maintain your quality of life after a life changing injury. To do that we focus on preparing your case for trial. Doing so permits us to negotiate from a position of strength. Insurance companies well know that we are prepared to put the facts before a jury if they fail to make fair settlement offers.

Picking up the pieces can be hard after suffering back or spine injuries. We can help. David Holub has been helping injury victims and their families since 1982 and has a proven track record of results that we would be happy to share with you. We combine an aggressive approach in fighting for our clients, along with the compassionate support our clients need during difficult times.

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